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Short stories

Winching the Moon for Miss Missy Biffstone

In order to prove his undying love to his girlfriend, billionaire Kip Farmsworth sets out to give her the Moon. Literally. He establishes a scientific project to winch the natural satellite within petting distance.

This 5,000-word short story is an absurd, silly, and completely outrageous satire about the power of corporations, the subjugation of the masses, and the nature of true love.

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The Whatever Society

A world-class underachiever visits his brother who’s a university researcher. Touching a wire he shouldn’t, he’s transported into the future where he discovers a society which puts his status as a slacker into question. Love and hilarity ensue.

A cross between Idiocracy, Farenheit 451, and Back to the Future, The Whatever Society is a 5,000-word short story about dystopia, social changes, and reality TV. Don’t miss this humorous tale where the worst of our present may turn out to be the best of our future!

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