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My Articles

These are articles I wrote over the years at Askmen.com, the web’s leading men’s magazine. They constituted my first steady writing gig. Some of these are a good read and others, I will admit, do not represent the best of me.

You will also notice that many of these articles’ byline refers to a different name. It was decided by the editors that I should have a pen name for different subjects. But rest assured they were all written by me.

I haven’t read these in years so it’s possible some have been changed by other authors, especially the celebrity features which tend to be outdated pretty fast. I myself was brought in to rewrite some from other writers.

How to Behave in Strip Clubs

How to Be a Good Liar

How to Stand Out in a Crowd

How to Ask for a Favor

How to Gossip Like a Man

How to Give a Great Massage

How to Set Up a Home Bar

How to Play Soccer

How to Cope with Robbery

How to Organize a Fishing Trip

How to Get Out of Jams Part II

How to Move In/Move Out

How to Deal with Annoying People

How to Break Bad Habits

How to Find Long-Lost Friends

How to Survive a Trip to the Casino

How to Make Use of Household Products – Part 2

How to Get Things for Free

How to Win an Argument

How to Impress at Business Cocktails

How to Organize a Paintball Event

How to Speak French

How to Do a Background Check

How to Speak in Public

How to Learn to Sing

How to Sleep Better

How to Take Up Ham Radio

How to Avoid Identity Theft

How to Patent an Idea

How to Learn Sign Language

How to Master Cellphone Etiquette

How to Play Pool

How to Throw an Office Party

How to Avoid Spam Email

How to Avoid Getting Lost

How to Soup Up Your Car

How to Improve Your Memory

How to Organize a Camping Trip

How to Get Quicker Service

How to Get Out of Jams Part III

How to Prevent Car Theft

How to Make Secure Online Purchases

How to Speak in Public Part II

How to Stop Telemarketers From Calling You

How to Train Your Dog

How to Master Gym Etiquette

How to Prepare Your Car for a Road Trip

How to Start a Rock Band

How to Fireproof Your Home

How to Survive in the Wilderness

How to Read People’s Faces

How to Prevent A Computer Disaster

How To: Quit Smoking – Once & For All

How To: Hire A Private Investigator

How To: Get The Boys Together For Poker Night

How To: Write A Movie Script

How To: Sell Your Screenplay

How To: Christmas Shop In One Day

How To: Make The Most Of Your PDA

Car Tip: Your Guide To Renting A Limo

How To: Survive Shopping With Your Girlfriend

How To: Say No To Friends

How To: Print Digital Pictures

How To: Deal With Annoying Friends – Part II

How To: Celebrate Mother’s Day

How To: Interpret Dreams

How To: Interpret Dreams – Part II

How To: Appear On A Game Show

How To: Get On Reality TV

How To: Get A Pilot’s License

How To: Go Skydiving

How To: Choose The Right Dog For You

How To: Get A Record Contract

How To: Become A Model

25 Things Men Should Know How To Do Part 4

How To: Use Video Conferencing

How To: Use Bluetooth Technology

How To: Brew Your Own Beer

How To: Play Online Poker & Win

How To: Use Web Conferencing

How To: Change Your Name

How To: Go Rock Climbing

How To: Join The Special Forces

What’s Your Power Symbol?

Use Your Sixth Sense

Making Smart Decisions

Stop Being Lazy

Famous Quotes to Live By

The Secret to Power Dressing

15 Tips for Success

Run Your Life Like a Business

Stay Sharp: Learn Something New Everday

12 Ways to Break Out of Your Routine

What’s Your Business Personality?

Save Money by Doing Things Yourself

8 Signs You’re Living Beyond Your Means

Health & Life: Do You Have The Winter Blues?

FAQ On Men’s Health Issues

Health: Participating In Clinical Trials

Can You Get Hypnotized?

A Man’s Guide to Celibacy

25 Things Men Should Know How to Do

Be Confident, Not Arrogant

Gentleman’s Etiquette: Part II

Getting Away With A Boys’ Night Out

25 Things Men Should Know How to Do Part 3

Fashion Tip: Removing Guy Stains

Is the Philadelphia Experiment For Real?

The Lizzie Borden Murders

The Truth About Voodoo

Spontaneous Human Combustion

The Bermuda Triangle Mystery

JFK’s Mafia Connections

Frank Abagnale: Fraud to FBI

The Black Dahlia Mystery

The Salem Witch Trials

Greek Mythology 101

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Comic Book Movies: Phenomenon Or Fad?

How Do TV Ratings Work?

How Did Tattoos Start?

Aleister Crowley: Prophet or Kook?

The Monica Lewinsky Scandal

Carlos the Jackal: Murder and Mayhem

AskMen.com Most Popular Searches

The Mystifying Life of Ernest Hemingway

Freemasonry: Shattering the Myth

Worldwide Marijuana Sanctions

The Rise of Cirque du Soleil

The CIA: A World of Secrets

The Loch Ness Monster: Truth or Hoax?

Manga: Comics for Adults

Area 51: Alien Conspiracy?

Three’s Company: Between The Laughs

The History Of Halloween

The Real Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Thanksgiving: From Pilgrims To Football

What Are Weblogs?

The Da Vinci Code

The Mystery Of Samurai Culture

Roberto Calvi & The Vatican Conspiracy

How J.K. Rowling Made It Big

Who Was Aileen Wuornos?

The Life & Times Of Howard Hughes

Remembering The Alamo

The History Of St. Patrick’s Day

Who Was Sigmund Freud?

Are You A Nerd?

VoIP – The New Telephone

The Legend Of Troy

Alexander The Great

The Amber Room

Chinese Horoscopes

Marlon Brando

Government Drug Testing

The Shroud Of Turin

The Legend Of Vampires

The Life Of Janis Joplin

Rise Of Internet Crime

The Chucky Phenomenon

Star Wars: Episode III Characters

Tripping On Absinthe

Satellite Radio


What Is Mensa?

Johnny Carson

Peter Sellers

5 Things You Don’t Know About PS3

5 Things You Don’t Know About CSI

5 Unknown Things About St. Malachy

5 Unknown Things About Interrogations

5 Freaky Paranormal Stories

Top Ten Most Popular Sculptures

Top Ten Game Shows

Top Ten Martial Arts

Top Ten Weirdest Records

Top Ten Endangered Species

Top Ten Expensive Wines

Top Ten Wacky Lawsuits

Top Ten Man’s Man Actors

Top Ten Classic Arcade Games

Top Ten Collectible Fads

Top Ten Classic Sex Symbols

Top Ten Political Quotes

Top Ten Classic Crooners

Top Ten Movie Villains

Top Ten Bestselling Books of All-Time

Top Ten Outrageous Oscar Moments

Top Ten Conspiracy Movies

Top Ten Candy Bars

Top Ten Bestselling Albums of All-Time

Top Ten American Icons

Top Ten Deadly Animals

Top Ten Sitcom Sidekicks

Top Ten Legendary Sportscasters

Top Ten Classic American Authors

Top Ten Most Expensive Divorce Settlements

Top Ten Most Expensive Collector’s Cars

Top 10: Great Thinkers

Top 10: Highest Attended Concerts

Top 10: Memorable 20th Century Speeches

Top 10: Cool Show Business Nicknames

Top 10: Christmas Movies For Guys

Top 10: Las Vegas Movies

Top 10: Modern Playboy Playmates

Top 10: War Movies

Top 10: Stand-Up Comics

Top 10: Mobsters Of All Time

Top 30: Memorable Movie Lines

Top 30: Memorable Movie Lines – Part II

Top 10: James Bond Movies

Top 10: Popular TV Fathers

Top 10: Roles That Never Happened

Top 10: Former Olympic Sports

Top 10: Most Distinct Singers’ Voices

Top 10: North American Womanizers

10 Evil Rulers Of The 20th Century

How to Surf the Web Anonymously

Zihr: the Best Way to Shave

Sesto-Senso Smooth Shaving Tips

Retane: Popular Hair Loss Myths

Health & Life: FAQ On Adult Acne

Improve Your Mind With Music

Discover Your Personality Type

Drea de Matteo

Stella McCartney

Delta Goodrem

Christie Brinkley

Liz Phair

Heather Headley

Mischa Barton

Tina Rigdon

Emily Procter

Sherrie Austin

Steve Ballmer

Jennifer Ellison

Emmanuelle Chriqui

Nina Moric

Inna Zobova

Taryn Manning

Ana Hickmann

Fefe Dobson

Maria Sharapova

Emma Thompson


Elisha Cuthbert

Frankie Rayder

Martine McCutcheon

Keanu Reeves

Idina Menzel

Mylene Farmer

Suzanne Stokes

Nona Gaye

Adele Silva

Michelle Williams


Shana Hiatt

Lindsay Lohan

Vanessa Lorenzo

Clay Aiken

Christine Taylor

Fernanda Motta

Myleene Klass

Kristy Hinze

Marisa Miller

Jasmin Wagner

Christine Anderson

Jessica van der Steen

Nicole Richie

Dayanara Torres

Daniela Hantuchova

Sienna Miller

Nina Sky

Jodie Marsh

Jennifer Hawkins

Carmella DeCesare

Jenny Frost


Loretta Lynn

Angie Stone

Emma B

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