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About Me

Writing is a passion that goes back to a young age. My first bout of creative writing occurred when I was 12. I had volunteered, along with a few friends, to write (and perform, unfortunately) a skit for a class project/talent show. My mother at the time believed I would be a writer someday, something I openly laughed at.

In those years, I either wanted to be a stand-up comedian or a movie director. The latter was because I had recently seen the movie The Big Picture in which Kevin Bacon (playing a film director) was writing a screenplay. At the time I had no idea the job was actually screenwriting. Movies were a big part of my life back then (still are), but being 12 and living 3,000 miles away from Hollywood, I thought it was just another childish fantasy, like wanting to become Spiderman or a sax player on Venus. Overall though I wanted a career in the military but that wasn’t to be.

Looking at my options rationally, I opted for a career in law. Settling in the Montreal suburb after high school, I attended law school for a year before realizing this was definitely not something I was suited for. I tried my hand at political science and I stuck with it for even less time. Finally, I switched to something I actually loved, cinema. I graduated with a certificate in film studies in 1998.

Something had happened between high school and college. I actually discovered I did enjoy writing. I had started a novel which I never finished. But in the following months the Internet started making inroads in our society. I stumbled upon screenplays online and realized this was exactly what I wanted to do with my life. From that moment I wrote some 30-odd screenplays. Some were optioned and others came close to being sold.

In 2002, I began writing articles. I had written one humorous article one night, shopped it around, and it was bought by AskMen.com, at the time the most read men’s magazine on the web. Our relationship lasted over three years and I’ve written over 300 articles for them under my name and a handful of pseudonyms.

It was after this that I discovered my love for writing novels. I have written several and I’m always adapting some of my better screenplays into novels. You’ll discover I am fond of mixing historical and fictional events. I write mostly thrillers and espionage adventures.

I split my time between Montreal and South Florida, on a quest to find buried treasures and great lima beans recipes. Guess which is easier.

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