• The President Killed His Wife
  • Counterblow
  • Never Bloodless
  • The Atomic Eagle
  • Sigma Division
  • The Kennedy Secret
  • The Gilded Treachery
  • Histats

  • Advertisements

Music to write by #152

Tron Legacy – Daft Punk – Outlands

Transformers – Bumblebee Captured

Shrek – True Love’s First Kiss


2 Responses

  1. I don’t know how you manage to keep your concentration when writing to these Steve. OK, maybe you’re alright with the Transformers one.
    I’ll stick to Tubular Bells and see where that gets me.
    All the best

    • Well, it’s all about having a rhythmic sound pumping in your ears and so it forces me to concentrate on what’s in my head. A bit like military cadence songs. Then I get in the zone, the blood is pumping, and the words just come out on their own 🙂

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