Music to write by #132

The Fast and The Furious – Theme

Two Steps From Hell – STARFALL

Deadliest Catch – Sea Theme – Northwestern-Maverick Theme


2 Responses

  1. I don’t know how you’d manage to write to any of these Steve. For the first one I was waving my mouse about wanting to conduct the orchestra. The second one misled me into thinking it was peaceful and then my toes were tapping all over the place- lucky I was still sitting down. The last one had me quite chilled and I may have managed a line or two until half time when I felt like I should be watching out for an attack by Jaws.Now I’m all jumpy for the wrong reasons.
    All the best.

    • Have you ever written an action scene? It’s all about pacing, cadence, and this kind of music gets my blood pumping.

      The next thing I know I’m in the zone and the music helps me write. When the adrenaline is going strong you’re motivated to continue and when you get down right to it that’s the amazing effect that this kind of music has. 🙂

      PS: And congratulations on embedding videos in your posts!

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