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Gourmet Poutine: From rags to riches

Poutine is the comfort food of my people. A staple of Quebec cuisine, the french-fries-cheese-curds-and-gravy dish has been much-maligned by food snobs and foreigners who have never tasted it.

To them I say: suck it.

In this era of food porn, poutine is seeing a renaissance with some restaurants offering their highbrow take on this meal, adding lobster, foie gras or gold leaves to make it snazzier.

Well, I came up with my own gourmet version recently and it is to die for! It came about after an inventory of my leftovers and a shameless desire to sample something new. Try it, it’s awesome.


  • French fries
  • Demi-glace sauce (one Knorr packet will yield enough for three people)
  • Roast beef leftovers (one reasonably thick slice per person)
  • Cooked mushrooms, sliced
  • Shredded mozzarella


  • Make french fries.
  • Prepare the sauce according to directions.
  • Chop the roast beef. I personally like it pretty small but it’s up to you.
  • Put mushrooms and beef in the warm sauce to reheat.
  • Pour the sauce/mushroom/beef over the french fries.
  • Add a fistful of mozzarella to each plate and mix well, letting the cheese melt.

Enjoy the 5,000 calories and astonishing taste!


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