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Food rant – my biggest pet peeves revealed!

You guys know I’m into food, right? I’m an amateur foodie and bumbling chef. I’ll never be great but I’m having fun. I also spend way too much time watching TV food shows and this has led me to several – for lack of a better word – headaches. Here are some damning observations.

I hate chefs who brag about their style of cuisine being the use of fresh ingredients and just letting them shine. I would be much more impressed by a chef who uses second-rate ingredients like canned peas or spray cheese to make delicious meals and therefore prove their worth.

Don’t put bacon in a cross in my hamburger, asshole! That means 75% of bites will be bacon-free.

Why don’t these food shows contestants tell the truth? They’re not personal chefs; they’re unemployed.

Al dente is just another term for “I didn’t have enough time to cook your food”.

Guy Fieri needs to expand his vocabulary.

Don’t order grilled chicken in a restaurant. Chances are it will taste like the grilled chicken you make at home. What’s the point of paying a 300% markup for that?

Cubing exotic vegetables doesn’t make it a chutney.

Why do half the contestants on Cupcake Wars look like they moonlight at SuicideGirls.com?

Yo, waiters! Don’t ask me if I want an appetizer at the same time as you hand me the menu. How about letting me look at it first?

Peel your potatoes when doing fries. I love potato skins and when I feel like eating them I order potato skins with cheese, bacon, and sour cream. I do not like potato skins on my french fries.

What are your food pet peeves?


3 Responses

  1. Haha, I like to keep the skin on my fries when I make them. It gives them a “rustic” look. No, I’m just too lazy to peel them. =)

  2. HAHAHA so true about ‘fresh ingredients’.

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