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Crockpot Tuesdays

Source: Eat at Home Cooks

Happy Valentine’s Day! This is the 7th Tuesday of 2012, and your 7th crockpot recipe for the year! I’m really enjoying the challenge I’ve set for myself this year. 🙂

So it’s Friday afternoon, right before I leave work for the day, and I’ve decided that ya know — I really deserve something special tonight. I’m going to make a dessert of some sort!

I rarely bake anything. I know some people love to bake, but for me, it’s not really my thing. It’s not relaxing or me in any sense of the word, plus (and a big plus) is that I would gain a ton of weight if I baked more often. I struggle with my weight enough as it is, so I don’t need those added goodies in the house all the time.

But on Friday, I had convinced myself that I deserved…

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