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Have you thought about Christmas yet?

Of course you thought about Christmas. You can’t avoid it. TV commercials are hitting you over the head with it, there are Christmas carols everywhere. At times it seems like you’ve been completely dipped into a syrupy concoction to make sure you’re properly soaked in the Yuletide spirit.

Which is why I’m going to do the same!

Did you know that you can give away ebooks for Kindle and Nook? That’s right, all you need is the recipient’s e-mail address and you can send them the book of your choice. Here are instructions on how to do this for the Kindle and for the Nook.

Even better, I have two paperbacks that would make excellent gifts for your loved ones (and a couple of your enemies). The Kennedy Secret and The Gilded Treachery are both thrillers that are sure to be enjoyed by anyone fan of the genre. And they make for great stocking stuffers.

They are both available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and also can be ordered anyplace where good books are sold.

Order now to make sure it gets delivered in time for Christmas!

And there’s more!

I have a brand-new store, BestEntertainmentShopping.com if you’re thinking about getting something from Amazon this year. All your best choices are available at the best prices, conveniently located under one address. Whether it’s music, DVDs, books, or instant videos, it’s all there for you!

Click the banner to visit BestEntertainmentShopping.com now…


2 Responses

  1. Great idea Steve, books make great gifts.
    Just a little bit of cheek here…how do you feel about donating a signed book to raise funds for the NY victims of Sandy.?
    Lita Smith-Mines
    Editor- in-Chief
    Boating Times Long Island
    1 Village Plaza
    Kings Park, NY 11754
    Tel: 631-269-3119
    Fax: 631 544-1016
    If you send signed books here they will hold a blind auction to raise funds and will also share the name of the author and links to their work. Hopefully everyone’s a winner. I don’t like self promotion much but the full story is on http://barsetshirediaries.wordpress.com

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