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How to play golf at work

The boss is annoying you? You don’t feel like filing those TPS reports? They installed a cyber nanny system on your work computer that keeps you from browsing Guatemalan donkey porn?

How about a game instead?!

I’ve said so before, I’m past the years of sinking into the living room couch playing expensive console games. Nowadays, I’m mostly into small online Flash games. Today I’m going to share two of my favorite golf games.

Turbo Golf: This is a game that wants to turn your grandfather’s pastime into an exciting race. It’s a 2-D side-scroller and you not only have to get the best score but you need to be the fastest to complete the hole. You get money when you hit coins and then you can purchase equipment upgrades. I find this game addictive.

Sky Golf: Here is a 3-D Shockwave game. It’s essentially a miniature golf course but it’s set up in imaginary clouds. You’re standing behind the club and the playing surface looks like a curling rink. Some holes are pretty difficult but it only makes it more satisfying when you finally conquer them. This spring I was playing nothing but this game for over a month.

Have fun and don’t let the boss see you!


3 Responses

  1. Darned addictive games…. Takes me months to wean myself off of them.

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