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Have dessert on hand when trying new recipes

Pretty self-explanatory title, isn’t it?

I like to try new recipes, as you know if you’ve been following my blog. Most of the time, the recipes are pretty easy or variations on stuff that’s been known to be edible. Rather foolproof.

The other day I went above and beyond. I’d never had ceviche before and I saw a guy make some on TV a while back; I’d written down the recipe and it was supposed to look like this:

Don’t believe Chef Antoine Sicotte!

Let’s just say some things are better left to professionals.

I’m not talking about the sheer possibility of poisoning myself — ceviche is after all raw fish that gets cured with lime juice. I’m rather reckless with my personal safety, as my billion-dollar life insurance policy can attest. No, the taste was positively vile!

Maybe it was the type of fish I used, maybe some of the ingredients had gone bad, maybe I shouldn’t have marinated all of it in yesterday’s underwear (kidding). One thing is certain, it will be a long time before I eat ceviche again.

So yes, if you’re gonna try out a new recipe make sure you have some of your favorite dessert nearby in case you need something to comfort you after your crushing defeat. I recommend chocolate chip cookies and Jack Daniel’s to drown your sorrows 🙂


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