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Don’t be afraid to sandwich your leftovers

Two things you should know about me (aside from my irrational fear of being attacked by polar bears made up to look like Mariah Carey in her Glitter days): I love sandwiches and I hate to waste food.

On the other hand, I’m not afraid to venture into the dreadful back alleys of the culinary world. As you might expect, this led to some crazy experimenting but I did come out of it stronger; you always do after contracting foreign diseases and spending 157 days in Guatemalan field hospitals.

The result of these colorful traits? I can now sandwichize everything! Sometimes it’s painfully obvious. Chicken and turkey are a given. Have extra roast beef? Slice it, put it between bread, and add either mayo or mustard. Meatloaf was practically invented for sandwiches.

Meatloaf. Not pictured: sandwich

But you can do this for everything! Sausages? Chop them up and add some mayonnaise. The trick is to always add something to make the leftovers less dry. If you’re working from some sauce-based dish like tuna casserole, chicken marsala or any recipe you picked up at Campbell’s Kitchen, you may not need the extra lubrication of mayo.

From there, you have a choice of grilling the sandwich or not. Since this isn’t Soviet Russia I’ll leave the choice up to you. Just know that grilling it in your favorite panini press will heat up your filling at the same time (not a sexual innuendo).

To recap:

  • Grab leftovers;
  • Chop it or leave it whole;
  • Add mayo, barbecue sauce, dressing (ranch, Italian, thousand islands, etc.) if it’s too dry;
  • squeeze it between two pieces of bread;
  • Grill it or not (grilling it with the filling will heat it up at the same time).

Try it out and I guarantee you will save on trash bags 🙂


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