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Dead Fridge Walking – Part 2

And we’re back to the epic adventure of the fridge-challenged! If you haven’t read part one already I encourage you to pour yourself a stiff drink and cry along with me.


Our friendly repairman returns on Saturday, right when we’re having lunch of course. He whistles his way to the fridge, wrestles it out of its hole and decides to change some circuit board in the back. Spent half an hour on this.

Goes back to the front, looks at the control panel — trusty electric drill/screwdriver still in hand — and openly asks us if we have any idea how to remove the part. I was under the impression it was his job to know this sort of thing. But I’m stupid that way.

“I’m not really familiar with these new models. I’ll come back in the next week with somebody who knows something about this.”

At this point, I have no answer aside from “Whatever.”

But later that night I have myself a Coke and the thing is not ice cold. Then I think it’s probably because it was put in the fridge only a few hours ago. Whatever. Just before going to bed I have some water which has been in the fridge for over 24 hours. It’s warmer than a newborn’s butt hole! It’s late, I’m tired, and fiddling with the controls isn’t doing anything. Again.

The compressor doesn’t work anymore. The fridge is dead.

The next day, Sunday, a call to the company gets unanswered. It’s inconceivable people might have appliances conked out on a Sunday. Obviously. In the meantime, it’s Operation Little House on the Prairie in my abode. Our only saving grace is a tiny wine cellar which we quickly empty and stuff our most precious perishables. I’m sorry to announce that my half-full bottle of ranch dressing did not get a spot on the survival arch.

On Monday we call the company and they assure us they’ll find somebody to fix our problem. They call back and will have someone come over the next day between nine and five o’clock. Because clearly this isn’t a fridge emergency.

So on Tuesday we’re having lunch and the guy shows up. Yes, the same clueless repairman and his trusty electric drill/screwdriver. He goes back behind the fridge and removes the circuit board he changed Saturday, putting the old one back in place. Lo and behold, the compressor starts working again! Now it’s time to try to replace the control panel he doesn’t know how to remove. Guiding and nudging from us who have more than two brain cells between us to rub together eventually make him succeed.

But you know what? I still don’t have any ice or water. Our resident genius says there might be another circuit board in the back worth changing. He’ll just have to order it.

Thank you, SmitchenAid!



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