Music to write by #19

Vangelis became famous when synthesizers were all the rage in the 80s and then, with the synthesizers, basically disappeared. However, my favorite music from him is from Oliver Stone’s Alexander. This is Roxane’s Veil.

Let’s backtrack for a classic. The movie Out Of Africa is for me better in trailer form (i.e. it bored the hell out of me). The music though by the late John Barry is phenomenal. Here is the sweeping theme otherwise known as I Had A Farm In Africa.

Ronin is an underrated gem and so is its soundtrack by Elia Cmiral. It fuses Eastern and Western sensibility while at the same time underscoring the moral complexity of the story.







2 Responses

  1. I had never heard the Vangelis score before because I avoided (like a plague) the film. I like it very much. It evokes a feeling of the film THE TEMPEST.

    The Out of Africa film escapes my understanding for its lunatic love story, but, the score works out the kinks by humanizing these dystunctional lovers. John Barry nailed it like mad.

    Ronin’s score started a trend in Hollywood. The pseudo-ethnic rhythm score without melody. Why? It is easy to edit without ruining a through-line. Quite effective and a great Frankenheimer styled film.

  2. Totally agree, Terry! John Barry was great at versatility, from James Bond to dancing wolves, unlike cough-James Horner-cough who’s always copying himself.

    I’ll definitely need to check out THE TEMPEST…

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