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A day that will live in infamy… and it sucked!

There are days that make you want to go on a Hunter S. Thompson bender and shoot yourself in the face with double-ought buckshot coming from a rusty trench gun. Today was one of those days.

It started with my annual doctor’s appointment. It was early in the morning so I had to get up even earlier. I get down in the garage and see the car has a flat tire. It was soft yesterday so I’d had it inflated. Now it was flat again. Luckily, there’s a gas station next to my building and five minutes later it’s once more inflated.

I still get to the clinic with time to spare, of course, but I have to wait an extra 20 minutes after my appointment time to see the doctor, of course.

He tells me I need to do blood tests even though we did it last year and I usually do it every two years. Not a big fan of needles.

Then he tells me because my mother died of colo-rectal cancer I should get a colonoscopy. Wonderful.

Since there’s a test lab in the building, I go up to take an appointment for the blood tests. It’s a private center, it’ll cost me 500 bucks, but at least I’ll be able to get an appointment within a couple of days unlike if I use the public CLSC which is akin to trusting monkeys with organizing a trade embargo. But there’s this jabroni hogging the receptionist for 15 minutes. The girl finally takes pity on me and gives me a card saying it’ll go faster just to call their appointment center.

Driving back home, it’s obvious my car tire needs attention. I stop at Midas and they can fit me in. I decid to go wait next door at Mike’s and have brunch. The place is a mess as they’re apparently doing renovations while people are eating. The food is average, the waitress is never there, and I leave almost an hour later.

Back at Midas, they tell me they couldn’t repair the tire, it’s too badly damaged. In fact, the two rear tires need to be changed. Another 500 bucks plus labor. But they need to be ordered in from the warehouse, it’ll take an hour they say. Since I wasn’t on the premises they couldn’t take a decision so no work has been done.

The silver lining is that I live two blocks away. I head back home with my spare keys but when I get there, there’s construction blocking the main entrance. I have to go in through the garage. Only you need a clicker to enter. You guessed it, it’s in the car.

I decide to wait by the garage door for someone to go in or out. Ten minutes later, I finally manage to get inside my building. I take the elevator, go up to my floor, and then discover I don’t have a key to my door on my spare-key ring.

So I have to go all the way back to Midas, get the keys, and come back.

And my stock portfolio is in the crapper.

I still have several hours before bedtime. I can’t help thinking what else is going to go wrong today!

So please help me brighten my day, sports fans. Take a look at my thrillers The Kennedy Secret and The Gilded Treachery. People like them so you should too! Post some reviews on Amazon and elsewhere if you’ve read them, what d’you say?



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