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An adventure 10 years in the making

Just like the moon, I seem to work in phases. At the turn of the millennium, I was in my World War II phase. I read everything about the conflict, played the games, bought the movies. Understandably I also wanted to write about it.

I started doing research on my country’s involvement in the war. Obviously, I knew the broad strokes (Hong Kong, D-Day, the campaigns through Italy, France, Belgium, Holland, and Germany). But the best stories are usually found in the details.

I looked into the 1st Special Service Force (the famed Devil’s Brigade) and Camp X. The latter was a secret compound where operatives designed to be dropped behind enemy lines were trained in demolition, assassination, and guerrilla warfare.

Needless to say, all this made my heart go pitter-patter. I made further inquiries into Nazi Germany’s nuclear research and before long I had a story.

You’ve seen the cover plastered on my homepage for a while, now you’ll be able to read this fast-paced, exciting novel which will take you to the heart of war-torn Europe. I promise you’ll get the chance to dive into The Atomic Eagle before the end of the summer!


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