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I think I’m related to Kid Rock

Okay, maybe I don't really want to be related


It’s a bold assumption and I’m not making it based on my musical tastes. This weekend I went to a family reunion, only I didn’t know anybody. Over a year ago, some Richers interested in genealogy thought it would be cool to organize a large gathering encompassing all the Richers of North America. Saturday was the big day (continuing through Sunday but I didn’t sign up for all the activities).

The event took place at Montreal’s Holiday Inn Midtown and there were hundreds of people in attendance, more than anyone expected. I think the average age was about 60. The organizers are understandably big history buffs and they traced our origins from the first Richer, a French Marine, who arrived in North America from France over 300 years ago. From there, the family grew and the descendents expanded to Ontario, the Prairies, and the United States.

The biggest concentration of Richers is still in Quebec but there is a sizable portion in Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois, and Wisconsin. Some in the US changed their names to Lefto, Lifto, (our original name was Richer dit Louveteau) and Ritchie. Kid Rock‘s real name is Bob Ritchie and he’s from Michigan so I’m going right ahead and proclaiming him a cousin. At the end of the presentation they listed all our famous relatives and obviously the one who got the most applause was the Habs’ legendary #44, our last scorer of 50 goals in one season. He wasn’t there but his uncle was.

There was a delegation from Minnesota who had flown in. It was a hoot to hear them speak with their charming accent. For a moment I thought Sarah Palin was in the crowd.

Was it wrong of me to try to spot hot females in the audience knowing we were cousins? Maybe I could turn this into my next book. Maybe this time Kid Rock will show for the launch party!

For more on our family history visit Richer dit Louveteau


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