Music to write by #10

This is the 10th edition of this music series, woo-hoo! It makes it sound like a 10-year anniversary, doesn’t it? So distinguished 🙂 But… no. It just the 10th week. I’m looking forward to still doing it a decade later. It will mean I’m still alive and that’s always a good thing. And now on to the main event.

Not a classic in the cinematic sense, not yet at least, Tron Legacy boasts some pretty toasty sounds. Exhibit A: Daft Punk’s Encom Part I.

How can this obscure miniseries (at least to me, I tried watching the original movie several times in my youth but never could get into it) yield such an amazing soundtrack. I’m talking about Children of Dune by Brian Tyler. This is a suite with every (I think) cue in the series. At the 2:00 and 3:20 mark my heart does handstands!

Not from a movie score per se, The XX’s Intro has been featured in a number of TV shows (I first fell in love with it on an episode of CSI). Catchy as all get out.







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