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The dark secret they never told me

Taxes. They never told me about taxes.

Sure, I knew that even if I went the indie route I’d have to pay some taxes on any earnings I made. I wouldn’t mind paying a few dollars on income of $5 million a month. But there’s something a little more sinister lurking. It has to do with me being from outside the United States, because I’m trying to muscle my way in.

You see, e-book vendors are required by law to report my sales to the IRS. It’s all right, I understand. Taxes are used to pay for shiny new ICBMs with nuclear warheads and $50,000 toilet seats. Who can be against that? The problem lies with the IRS again. Right off the bat they take a 30% cut of my income.

But you see, I’m not American. I don’t feel like paying for their shiny new ICBMs with nuclear warheads and $50,000 toilet seats. I already have to pay for our own leaky submarines and politicians’ bloated expense accounts.

There’s a silver lining. Some clever guy who must have taken a shine to us in the Great White North put in a special clause. Canadians are exempt from copyright-related income. That’s right, the amount I owe to the IRS is 0%.

There’s a price to pay though. Forms. I have to fill out forms. I have to fill out forms just to be allowed to fill out more forms. There are letters and affidavits and documents. And I’ll do it. I will roll up my sleeves and power through this thing.

Ain’t no such thing as free money I guess…


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