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Are you well-equipped?

Did you know that “normal” paper book sales are steadily declining (down 34.4% in February alone)? This doesn’t mean people are reading less.

Hell no. They’re reading more. According to the Association of American Publishers, ebook sales went up 202%.

They’re reading digital format. It’s eco-friendly and much more convenient. And you know what else they’re not telling you? It’s cheaper. Yes, instead of forking over $25 for a hardcover you can buy a whole novel for less than $3. Many are only 99 cents while others are free.

I bought my first ereader this winter and it truly was a revelation. I would NEVER go back to those clunky paperbacks. My Kindle is my new best friend.

Don’t want a Kindle? No problem, there are other brands. Prices are falling everyday as the industry is starting to realize the future of literature is digital.

Here are some review/comparisons

Have an iPad? You can already read ebooks with it! Only have a computer? Some ereaders (like Kindle) offer FREE apps so you can read your book on multiple devices. You can read on your laptop in the bus, switch to your smartphone in the elevator, and use your ereader at the beach.

Are YOU ready for the ebook revolution?

Will you be ready when The Gilded Treachery hits the market in the coming weeks?


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